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Latest projects

Latest projects


No. 1 Shenzhen Bay
Shenzhen Bay 1 is located on the West Bank of Houhai Park, Shenzhen Bay, China. The total construction area of the project is about 475,000 feet. The main building is a super city landmark complex with top apartments, headquarters office, Legendary Raffles Hotel, customized commerce and Shenwan Club. It has 360 degree sea-sky horizon, private air swimming pool, skyline concert hall, indoor tennis court, helicopter apron and other high-quality supporting resources. It is dedicated to innovating urban development mode and creating a world Bay biography. Works of the world.

Track Record


?Completion and acceptance of Shenzhen Bay No.1 T7 has been successfully completed

?Global Rent Recruitment of Shenzhen Bay Center 1
?Official Top Sealing of 350 m T7 Tower No. 1 in Shenzhen Bay
?Shenzhen Bay South Phase 1 Successful Fine Decoration
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 was awarded the Golden Prize for Chinese Steel Structure at the National Congress of Construction Steel Structure Industry.

?Kelly Hoppen Aesthetic Space Opens Globally
?Successful Acceptance and Acceptance of South Phase II of Shenzhen Bay 1

?Starting Ceremony of Mass Concrete Pouring on T7 Floor
?Yabu Pushelberg Customized Space Show, Shenzhen Bay No. 1 T5 High Area Official Sales
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 T8 Low Area Model Housing Open Official Sales
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Bay Hui Global Business Promotion Conference Held

?Pengrui Group moved to No.1 T1 office building in Shenzhen Bay
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Brand Strategy Conference was held and T4 was on the market
?Shenzhen Bay Super Apartment No. 1 was held in a grand ceremony, and T5 and T6 were officially sold.

?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 Master Customized Class Model Housing Market, "One Bay Above, Top of Luxury Ideas" Product Conference Held
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 & Raffles formally signed cooperation
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 T3 Model Housing Market, T3 Official Sales
?Shenzhen Bay No. 1 South District Starts Comprehensive Construction

?Construction of Shenzhen Bay 1 North District

?Shenzhen Bay 1 invites KPF to make overall planning and design

Peng Rui customer service

Pengrui Group is a comprehensive enterprise integrating health industry, real estate development, commercial operation, property management and PE investment.
Any comments and suggestions on Peng Rui and related cooperation matters, please contact us through the following ways:

+86(755) 86666686
Address: 19th Floor, North District Office Building, Shenzhen Bay 1, Intersection of Dongbin Road and Keyuan South Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen
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Add. 19th Floor, North District Office Building, Shenzhen Bay 1, Intersection of Dongbin Road and Keyuan South Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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